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Laritelle Organic Nature's Love (Travel Size) Conditioner 2 oz

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✿ Safe travels! ORGANIC HAIR CONDITIONER TO PREVENT HAIR LOSS & PROMOTE NEW HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH. Softens hair, nourishes the hair-shaft, rejuvenates hair follicles. Made with certified organic Aloe Vera juice, Macadamia Nut, Baobab & Babassu oils, Vegan-friendly keratin protein, and best-known to prevent hair loss and promote new healthy hair growth essential oils of Pink Grapefruit, Ginger, Rosemary, Thyme and Cinnamon Leaf.

✿ MADE WITH 100% PURE, HIGHEST QUALITY, CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Formulated with 98% Certified Organic ingredients & 2% Wildcrafted / Naturally Derived Ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced from distributors who sell products extracted/distilled from plants that have not been sprayed or treated with any chemicals.

✿ EXTRA KIND & GENTLE to your scalp and hair. Rich & creamy organic conditioner. Nourishing for all hair types. Safe for color-treated hair.

✿ EARTH FRIENDLY, SAFE AND NON-TOXIC. NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS USED - Contains NO sulfates, alcohol, parabens, gluten, phthalates. GMO-free. Vegan. Not tested on animals. Packaged in recyclable BPA-FREE plastic containers.

✿ HAND POURED WITH LOVE AND EXTRA CARE. Balances & supports 4th chakra. Proudly made in California, USA.

This hair strengthening, hydrating, nourishing, regenerating, balancing and softening organic conditioner formulated with 100% pure, highest quality certified organic ingredients is gentle enough for everyday use for all hair types. Promotes healthy, strong, shiny and lustrous hair. Softens the hair without weighing it down.

Scalp-healing organic Aloe Vera detangles and moisturizes, while fighting dandruff, restoring pH levels, decreasing frizz, enhancing cellular regeneration, promoting new healthy hair growth.

Nutritive, reconstructive, and hydrating Organic Macadamia Nut Oil helps to reduce oxidative stress by preventing loss of moisture. High in fatty acids it helps to add shine and vitality, strengthen, and nourish the hair follicles. Great for calming the frizz, tangles, and dullness.

Healing and moisturizing Organic Baobab Oil has almost double the amount of essential fatty acids as present in Argan Oil. Packed with antioxidants it is known for its remarkable anti-aging and regenerating properties.

Organic Babassu Oil rehydrates, nourishes, moisturizes, and restores hair strength.

NON-GMO Vegan-friendly keratin protein provides up to 20 amino acids, derived using vegetable extraction process. It has the ability to strengthen and enhance the elasticity of individual hair strands. Reduces "fly away" hair syndrome and produces a glowing shine.

Naturally derived from whole oats, Gluten Free Hydrolyzed Oat Protein adds a velvety feel, shine, bounce, and moisture enhancement.

Chamomile soothes the scalp, strengthens scalp tissues, and promotes healthy hair growth by correcting issues with scalp inflammation. It adds highlights to fair hair and a sheen to dark hair as it conditions and softens.

Pink Grapefruit stimulates hair roots & follicles assisting in healthy hair growth while balancing natural production of scalp oils. Ginger & Cinnamon Leaf stimulate circulation & give shine. Rosemary promotes healthy, shiny hair. Helps to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff & seborrhea. Mild circulatory stimulant, scalp tonic, exhibits strong antioxidant properties, aids detoxification. Thyme stimulates circulation, fights hair loss.

Can be used as deep conditioning treatment for all hair types. Can be used as leave-in conditioner for most hair types (a little goes a long way). Should be used as wash-out conditioner by those with thin, fine hair.

The result: strong, healthy & beautiful hair with no toxic chemicals used whatsoever (nor poured into the Earth)

Safe for color-treated hair. Contains no harmful sulfates, alcohol, parabens, gluten nor phthalates. Balances & supports 4th chakra.

Packaged in recyclable BPA-free plastic containers. Cruelty Free.