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About Us

Laritelle products are formulated by ARC registered certified aromatherapists and AMCA certified hair loss practitioners using the highest quality organic, sustainably gathered, wild harvested, unsprayed, biodynamically farmed ingredients, to enhance emotional and physical well-being, promote beautiful hair and radiant skin.

  • The oils we use are tested with Gas Chromatographic Spectrometer to ensure that correct beneficial compounds are at the essential levels required for a true therapeutic effect.
  • The oils we use have their Life Force alive with the vibration of the plant connecting with and enhancing emotional and physical well-being.

Our products are handmade in small batches to keep quality fresh and clean.

We use carefully chosen ingredients based on years of research into their therapeutic values.

We always strive to source certified organic ingredients where possible, and often use wildharvested when organic is not commercially available. All wildharvested ingredients are sourced from vendors that adhere to standards that ensure that materials taken from the wild are ethically sourced so that nature can perform its replanting process. For ingredients that the USDA does not certify, we use the EWG database to select those ingredients that hold a "green" rating, which signifies it to be a non-toxic additive.

We work with only a handful of vendors, some are overseas and some are within the US - all, however, are well screened and have provided us with their highest quality ingredients.

As "fair traded" and "sustainably sourced" items become available on the market, we do strive to purchase these ingredients as well.

Our manufacturing facilities are inspected annually by the USDA who verifies that our manufacturing practices and products meet their standards.

Our products are cruelty-free.