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Laritelle Organic 7 Chakras Gift Set

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  • Formulated by certified aromatherapists using the HIGHEST QUALITY ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLY GATHERED, WILD HARVESTED, UNSPRAYED, BIODYNAMICALLY FARMED INGREDIENTS, to enhance emotional and physical well-being, promote beautiful hair and radiant skin.
  • This set includes products containing quintessential LIFE FORCE and VIBRATIONS OF AROMATIC ESSENCES of the highest quality to balance energetic centers of the body.
  • FEEL MORE CENTERED, BALANCED AND CONNECTED, see things clearly, bring in more vitality and energy, feel connected to the Earth, look within, feel nurtured and safe, connect to a higher vibration, encourage growth and change.
  • EARTH FRIENDLY, SAFE AND NON-TOXIC. NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS USED - Contains NO sulfates, alcohol, parabens, gluten, phthalates. GMO-free. Not tested on animals. Packaged in recyclable BPA-free and glass bottles.
  • HAND POURED WITH LOVE AND EXTRA CARE. Proudly made in California, USA. Gift packaging is available.

Gift set includes 7 items:

Laritelle Organic Hair Loss Treatment (Fertile Roots) - 4 oz Balances & supports first (base of the spine) chakra also known as the Root Chakra or Muladhara and deals with our foundation, support, survival and living on the planet.

Laritelle Organic Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo (Sensual Bliss) - 16 oz Balances & supports second (lower abdomen) chakra also known as the Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana and deals with relationships, sexual energy, immune system and our creation energy.

Laritelle Organic Hair Loss Prevention Conditioner (Diamond Strong) - 16 oz Balances & supports third (solar plexus) chakra also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura and deals with owning our own power, dream-time, distribution of energy throughout the body.

Laritelle Organic Purifying Face Wash - 4 oz Balances & supports fourth (heart) chakra also known as the Heart Chakra or Anahata and deals with unconditional love for self and others and whatever the divine is to each of us. This is where we hold our Divine identity.

Laritelle Organic Hormonal Balance Treatment - 1 oz Balances & supports fifth (throat) chakra also known as the Throat Chakra or Visshuda and deals with speaking our truth with integrity as well as our will and creative self-expression.

Laritelle Organic Ultimate Rejuvenation Face Serum - 1 oz Balances & supports sixth (center of the head, above eye level) chakra also known as the Third Eye Chakra or Ajna and deals with our spiritual gift of vision as well as our perspective of how we see ourselves, others and the world.

Laritelle Organic Nourishing Facial Cream - 2 oz Balances & supports seventh (top of the head) chakra also known as the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara and deals with our gift of knowingness or intuition as well as religious, societal, and familial programming and cosmic consciousness.

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